2021 ain't over yet - time to hit Restart and do something awesome!

Keen to hit "Restart" with us and do something exciting? Learn to pole dance at Altitude! Ya gotta try it ;) hit the button below and fill out the form! 👇

You can learn to pole dance.

All you’ve gotta do is take that first step and request a consult! You’ll find out pole dancing is more than just fitness. It’s...

★ A confidence builder
★ An artistic outlet
★ Cultivates a welcoming community
★ Great for mental health
★ Builds strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination!
★ Plus it’s 

This is just a short list of the amazing things about pole dance at Altitude... so come find out yourself! 
Join Altitude, learn to pole dance. 

Curious? Here's our most frequently asked questions...

We're good at what we do.

Altitude instructors are really, really passionate and skilled at what they do - so you’re in good hands when you attend one of our classes.

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Steph from Altitude Pole Drury

I love the challenge of pole, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. The changes in my physique are amazing and achieving new moves and levels of strength is pretty addictive ❤️

The community is just wonderful, so supportive and fun, not just during classes but in life away from the studio, too ❤️

Invest in yourself, it pays the best interest.

Our Memberships

Every body is different, so we offer a range of memberships to suit different lifestyles, schedules and #goals.  

Starting at 2 classes per week going up all the way up to UNLIMITED classes per week! For #ALLTHECLASSES

You’re sure to find your perfect membership - talk to us today!

Be obsessed with your own potential.

Still need a little convincing?

Booking a consult is 100% no obligation, that means if you decide Altitude isn’t for you... you don’t need to go any further!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not give it a go? Fill in the form and find out for yourself!

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We have Altitude studios in...

Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Hamilton, Whanganui, Palmeston North, Nelson and Christchurch! Live near by? Come join the fun!

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You don’t need to be a particular size or shape to learn how to pole dance.
Any size or shape can learn to pole dance and that straight fact!

There is NO age limit to learn how to pole dance.
No matter your age you can learn. 

You don’t need to be strong, fit of flexible to learn how to pole dance.
You build all of the needed abilities at our classes! 

You don't need to be a particular gender identity to learn how to pole dance.

We welcome everyone with open arms! Eg men CAN and do pole dance! 

You don't need to wear heels in our classes. In fact, most of our classes are attended barefoot!

You won't be the only beginner. Pole dancing is pretty popular these days, so that means more people are giving it a go - we love that!

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Marika from Altitude Pole Redwood

I was so nervous my first class, but my instructor was just so incredibly welcoming and supportive, as were my classmates. Straight away I knew I had found something that just fed my soul.

I love the feeling of walking into the studio and knowing that no matter the kind of day I'm having, the people there will make sure I walk out feeling top of the world.

Pole has helped me feel sexy and confident in my body at a time when I was really struggling to see myself in that light. It has helped me gain a new understanding of how my body works and what it's capable of.  

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2021 ain't over yet - let's hit Restart and do something awesome!

Keen to hit "Restart" with us and do something exciting? Learn to pole dance at Altitude! Ya gotta try it ;) hit the button below and fill out the form! 👇

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