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✗   You don’t need any experience
✗   You don’t need to be fit already
✗   You don’t need to be strong

✓   You just need to say ‘YES’!

Burn calories, build confidence, increase strength, flexibility, grace, co-ordination and dance ability.

You’ll also be part of a really cool supportive community that will always be there to cheer you on.

You’ll learn up-to date pole dance
moves and techniques through our specialty Altitude levels. Our classes and levels are designed to help you get from where you are, right now, no matter your experience, to where you want to go!

What our members are saying!

Jodie Altitude Pole Christchurch Central

Since joining Altitude Pole I have started to gain an entirely new perspective of myself and started to accept myself for exactly the way I am, while building physical strength. I have never had any confidence and the great thing with pole is that I started to build a beautiful relationship with my inner self. Pole is for everyone, regardless of gender, shape, size and age. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t poled before to give it a go even if you are nervous. Just do it for you. 

Naadei Altitude Pole Onehunga

One misconception that a lot of people have about pole is that your body needs to look a certain way, or that you need to be a certain weight to start. You don’t need to look a certain way to start pole dancing, you are enough. The diversity within the pole dancing community is amazing, one box certainly does not fit all!

Experience it for yourself!

Classes at Altitude

Each Altitude studio offers pole dancing and stretch classes. You’ll also find a range of other fun classes, sometimes unique to that particular studio!

Our classes and levels are designed to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to go.

Attend the classes!

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Every Altitude studio runs our specialty 'levels' classes, starting at Level 1 (beginners) to Level 4 and 5 which are for our most advanced students!

Our studios can also offer other pole classes like flow or combos

Pole Dancing

Stretch & Flexibilty

Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or backbends? Then our Stretch Classes are the one for you!

Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for our aerial arts, or just in general!

Other Classes!

Each studio is a little different but Altitude studios often offer other classes outside of the Pole and stretch. There is a wide range but think of things like Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Ballet Barre, Handstand classes... and a heap more!

& Pricing

Every body is different. We all have different needs, schedules, lifestyles. Picking your membership comes down to you and what you want to achieve. 

Talk to us about your perfect membership option!


The price of a membership depends on which type of membership you select and how long you sign up for. 

To give you an idea - a two class per week, 12 month membership costs just $41.30 per week

That's only $20.65 per class!


We offer three different types of memberships to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Two classes per week
  • Four classes per week
  • UNLIMITED classes per week!

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Our locations

Wondering where our studios are located? Here's a list below of all our currently open studios!

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Altitude Pole North Shore, Auckland

62 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna

Altitude Pole Onehunga, Auckland

26 A Princes Street, Onehunga 

Altitude Pole Drury, Auckland

78 Creek Street, Drury 

Altitude Pole Redwood

2/83 Barnes Road, Redwood

Altitude Pole Palmerston North

29 Bisley Street, Cloverlea 

17 Taupo Quay, Whanganui 

Altitude Pole Whanganui

491 Saint Asaph Street, Phillipstown 

Altitude Pole Christchurch Central

Altitude Pole Wigram

10 Musgrove Close, Wigram 

5 Pascoe Street, Tahunanui, Nelson

Altitude Pole Nelson