- Student at Christchurch Central, now instructor at Altitude Pole Wigram

It took me SIX MONTHS from first thinking that it looked like fun to actually emailing in. And OH MY GOD it was the best email I’ve ever sent. I continue to be so grateful for the community I have found there. It’s that support that got me up on stage at the last showcase and in front of the camera for a photoshoot.


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Everyone is welcome!

✗   You don’t need any experience
✗   You don’t need to be fit already
✗   You don’t need to be strong

✓   You just need to say ‘YES’!

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Pole dancing is awesome

Our world-class classes

Burn calories, build confidence. increase strength, flexibility, grace, co-ordination and dance ability! You’ll also be part of a really cool community. You’ll feel awesome!

Altitude instructors go through rigorous, on-going training and our curriculum is assessed and updated often. You’ll be learning up-to date techniques and moves! Our goal is to offer YOU the very best! 

You're in good company at Altitude!

You've probably wondered what pole dancing classes are like, right? What they can do for you? Each Altitude student has wondered that very same thing. Are the classes going to be hard, will I really have fun, will I be any good at it, what if I’m bad? 

But those same students decided to go for it, to sign up and not look back... and they’re loving it!

So... what do you think?

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Christchurch Central is a three-room studio, fitted out for pole dance, aerial yoga, silks and hoop. There's also loads of space for a range of floor-based activities like stretch, hand balance and floorwork. We’re located at 491 St Asaph St, Phillipstown.

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About Altitude Pole 
Christchurch Central

Altitude Wigram is a two room studio, fitted out for pole dance, silks and hoop. There's also loads of space for floor based classes like hand-balance, foxy-boxing and stretch! We’re located in Wigram at 10 Musgrove Close.

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About Altitude Pole 
Wigram, Christchurch

Get fit and have fun while you’re at it! 
Join Altitude and learn why so many people love our pole dancing classes! Spoiler alert, it’s not just for the fitness!

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