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Unit 2/83 Barnes Road, 
Redwood, Christchurch

Altitude Pole Studios

Our pole dancing classes will get you fit, feeling amazing, stronger, more flexible and you'll make some fantastic friends along the way.

Our goal is to help you, what's yours? 

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Our focus is on you - we aim to make a positive impact in your life in as many aspects as possible. That’s why we’re not just about getting fit, or losing weight - we’re about fun, confidence, support and building you up!

More than just fitness

World-class classes

Feel like you’re lacking in strength... or maybe co-ordination, flexibility? No worries! Our classes are designed to build you from where you are right now to where you want to go, safely!

About Altitude Studios

Open Date

We'll be opening the doors to Altitude Redwood on 3 Feb 2020! Be the first to know about Altitude Pole Redwood updates, register your interest!

Redwood will be offering a wide range of classes on open! From Level 1 to 4 Pole, Combos, Spin Pole, Flow and Freestyle, Exotic Flow and more... plus a bunch of awesome supplementary classes!

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Classes & Timetable


We're excited to be bringing on a cool team of awesome instructors. Owner/Operator, Michelle Muscles along with Elle, Tamara, Libi, Kirsty, Noelle, Rosie and Nicole!

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Do you want...

✓ to get fit and have fun doing it? 
✓ to find a new hobby you love? 
✓ something just for YOU?

Then it's time to find out why so many people love our pole dancing classes. Altitude Redwood is coming soon.

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I don’t think I could ever imagine going back to a life without pole. Altitude has been a safe place where I could try, fail, try again, improve - and eventually succeed. It has helped me face my insecurities and made me realise this only existed in my head. I have made fantastic friends - real, kind and amazing friends!   

Student at Altitude Pole North Shore  

I have discovered a sport that just keeps getting better. Men and women pole. Polers look after each other, the atmosphere in a pole studio is one of total support as your pole mates cheer you on to nail that move you've been trying to get.

I can be strong, I can dance upside down and on my feet, in high heels or barefoot, in t-shirt and leggings, or bra and pole shorts, I can push myself out of my comfort zone.

Former student now instructor at Altitude Pole Christchurch Central

OPENING ON 3 Feb 2020